A  L I F E  L I V E D  T O  T H E  F U L L ,  A N D

H A V I N G  O V E R C O M E  M A N Y  G R E A T

A D V E R S I T I E S ,  D A P H N E  I S  A N

E X P E  R T  P R O B  L E M  S O L V E R .

W H E N  C R E A T I N G ,  S H E  L O V E S  TO

S P E N D  M O S T  O F  H E R  T I M E  I N  H E R  D E S I G N  O F F I C E

I N T E R N A T I O N A L L Y  A C C L A I M E D ,  S H E   H A S  C R E A T E D ,  D E V E L O P E D  &  E L E V A T E D  N A M E S ,  P E R S O N A L

B R A N D S   A N D   B U S I N E S S E S   A L L

O V E R   T H E   W O R L D .

About Daphne

Daphne Diluce is a born creative with the ability to work in many design disciplines with equal strengths. Clients say:

“Daphne is magical at what she does, all the work we have done with her over the years converts into wonderfulness. She translates thoughts and visions into reality”.
Whilst Daphne's approach is calm & creative when the work starts there is a 100% diligence, focus, deep knowledge and understanding that drives her team to create and deliver her clients projects with good timings and budget.


Daphne's Story

Daphne grew up in west Cornwall and her first job was selling flowers at 5 years old,  her first job in branding,  marketing and sales. A natural even then with her flowers quickie selling out because arranged the flowers in colour blocks and added signage, it was to be the start of a learning journey to global expert.
In her early teens, she went to London to embark on more adventure and, mentioned in Cosmopolitan magazines,  started working with Lord Litchfield at the house of Lords creating famous images for  them.  Not long after , Daphne moved to German, quickly finding herself hired to work on film sets working on branded projects such as Polylady, Jägermeister and Coppenrath & Wiese cakes. Her calling to paint and design then lead her to take a break from working in film and she went to Art School, going on to qualify in interior and lighting design at KLC London.

A wonderful next chapter in her design life was then opening an interior design store and soft furnishings manufacturing business in Düsseldorf. Daphne,  who has worked all over Europe delivering many complex projects, understands every design discipline and how they are needed. Now back in the UK working on the design, writing books and public speaking, her great career journey continues in art, design and helping people get their story out to the world – and continues to be the obsession she loves.



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