Darlings Case Study

Introducing Ria's New Brand

When I first met Ria her business had been open for a couple of months. She has a gorgeous studio in North Ascot where she provides non-surgical facelifts. She had spent a lot of money on signs and other marketing materials. Her hard work and effort was evident, sadly the missing part was her Brand ID. Another problem was that she hired people who provided marketing materials who gave the impression they where experts, when in fact they weren't - this is a very common mistake business owners make.

I started by getting Ria's big business vision down on paper then we made a strategic business plan. The next step was discovering her brand ID and going deep into why, what and to who she was offering her wonderful services to. After this process, it was clear for Ria to see her business potential and how she could plan her business journey for success.

We booked Ria into our photo studio and created some professional photographs of her. I always encourage experts to be the face of their own business. It was a fun and energized photo shoot as we got Ria to radiate her passion for what she does.

Darlings is a young and fresh brand, Ria's mission is to nurture and sustain the beauty of a womens faces as well as raising self esteem and retaining a youthful glow.