Performance E-Commerce Case Study

Introducing David Rothwell's New Brand

David Rothwell is an E-Commerce Specialist & Author

When I first met David Rothwell he had a business without a clear brand identity. I designed and refined his brand so he could be seen and understood easily. His business provides a service that can help merchants sell 41% more. We designed a logo and created a brand design to harmonize with Google, as he sets up Google shopping and Google ad campaigns. We created a website (, digital files, email footers, photographs, videos, business cards, brochures, letterheads, and branded clothing to show off his brand and message.

When all the artwork and digital files had been created and were ready to go, we changed his existing look in 24 hours. Clients have an excellent user experience as we designed and created digital files and marketing materials into powerful, eye catching and content savvy products as well as packaging his IP. This kind of brand creation brings business transformation as well as increasing the business value.

Before going to market, I would advise you get brand ready. Show your audience who you authentically are, what you do and how you help your targeted customers. Wow your audience with clear information and messages that are packaged in a unique way.