After rolling out refurbishment, design & build projects internationally, I was well equipped to take on the whole project for SkinMedico. It all started when I met Mr Lopez at an event for entrepreneurs. He spoke so passionately about his dream to open the best medical beauty clinic in London. As I spent more time with Mr Lopez this wonderful project started to take shape. I wrote a feasibility study including a risk assessment and a branding outline. Mr Lopez said that he hadn't even thought about these things, but after showing him, he saw how important they were.

I continued with making the master plan of the project, writing everything that was needed in great detail. Next I did the survey, drew up a detailed sketch and turned that into a CAD drawing. As the project evolved I must have drawn over 50 CAD plans, including wiring and lighting plans. The budget plan, project management and contractor list were all written out in detail. At last it was time to choose materials, colours, fixtures, fittings, and furnishings. I ordered a lot of samples so my client could see the colour ways and textures before we went shopping. I was also weaving in the brand, so the whole project was congruent and the clinic would look fresh and inviting as well as clients feeling safe in the environment.

My days were long, working 7 days a week starting onsite at 7am for 4 months. At times I felt like Bob the builder, I longed to be Talula! Most days I was covered in dust, had to deal with contractors and challenges and keep a clear head, draw specifications on the spot and keep my workforce moving. I must admit to a guilty pleasure, the cakes and lovely cups of tea next door kept me going when my spirits floundered.

The day came when the clinic in September 2016. I remember the smile on my clients face as the lights on the signage went on - a very happy client. When the window graphics where put on a lady ran into the shop and said, she wanted to book an appointment… powerful branding, it’s working! My favourite installation piece was the lighting. If you drive past 215 Chiswick High Road, London, W2 2DW you will see a beautiful modern chandelier. When you continue developing your branding and marketing you will always have clients and develop new partnerships.

This project took a lot of effort, I put a lot of love into it and had a my dream team working with me.