Did I ever tell you what happened when I was featured in a double page
spread in the Daily Mail newspaper?


All the great entrepreneurs I know have something in common, they all
have a lot to do and often they do not think enough of themselves. Why?
They are thinking about their business and can get overloaded quickly
missing out on opportunities and lose money.


7 mistakes that can be quickly resolved when you know what I will tell you.


1. Not having a clear brand that people recognize or even understand.
2. Not have a press kit ready.
3. Their profile is out of date and does not match their brand.
4. When people Google you and your company, irrelevant information
comes up that has little to do with your business. Or worse, you may
not even be found. You lose credibility this way.
5. Missing out on opportunities as they are not prepared or lack the
knowledge how to do things and when.
6. Forgetting on how important design, branding and the appropriate
message for the appropriate audience is.
7. They forget there are great people who can help them solve these
problems easily.


Magic is at your finger tips… Be the face of your brand and make sure you
and your team are social media and press ready. Design for Business is a
five step methodology to accelerate learning for visibility online. It also
allows you to get stuff done quickly and powerfully.


Creatively yours,


Daphne Diluce